Guests who wish to enjoy a memorable meal at the element’s Chef’s Table will savor a nine-course tasting menu during dinner service in The Lodge kitchen. Our chef and dining room staff will attend to your meal as you dine “behind-the-scenes” in the specially designed Chef’s Table alcove.The Chef’s Table may be reserved for up to 10 guests, priced at 150 dollars per person.If you wish a private dining experience at the Chef’s Table, there is an additional charge to secure the room exclusively for your party.

  • Estate pairing, $120
  • Reserve Pairing, $150

Both pairings feature wines which complement the cuisine of the evening’s menu. The difference between the two pairings is that the Reserve pairing showcase wines of greater interest, complexity, depth, and sometimes age.

Should you wish to discuss the specific wine pairings in advance with our sommelier, please contact Karl Kazaks at 276-222-3800.

A gratuity of 20% is applied automatically to parties of eight or more. Please let us know of your particular food and wine preferences at the time of reservation.

Please call 276-222-3800 to reserve.