Virginia Tech Naturalist Course

Virginia Tech Naturalist Course

April 30 - May 4, 2018

Primland’s Naturalist Courses offer a careful and detailed observation of the natural world from an ecological, geographical and artistic perspective. Each course consists of five days of field/classroom instruction on the property’s 12,000 acres and will focus on the Southern Appalachian flora, fauna, geology, history, geography and culture. These courses will teach the participants the skills that will allow them to become capable naturalists as well as providing a strong biological and ecological foundation on which to practice their skills in the field. Research faculty from the Conservation Management Institute, a center within the College of Natural Resources and Environment at Virginia Tech, will lead the class.

Introductory Naturalist Course

The objectives of the Introductory Naturalist Course will be to provide participants with foundations in basic naturalist skills that support our understanding of the Southern Appalachians and what makes it a globally unique ecoregion. Skills related to observation, identification of species using keys and field guides, and ability to interpret specific site habitat conditions will be emphasized. These lessons will be reinforced during numerous field excursions that will focus upon bird identification (sight and sound), tree identification, spring wildflower identification, and other species of opportunity (amphibians and reptiles) that will be abundant at Primland at this time of year.

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