Birding Week

Birding Week

June 11 - 15, 2018

Enjoy a week of unique bird watching within the 12,000 acres of Primland in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Dr. Ashley Peele and Christine Boran will take you through the trails and introduce you to the Audubon world within Primland. You will view and learn about our native birds - raptor and wetland birds, upland game birds, accipiters and songbirds. Also enjoy a day of constructing and monitoring eastern bluebird boxes.

Dr. Ashley Peele is an avian ecologist who has spent 12 years studying wildlife conservation and management in the US and Caribbean. She became Coordinator of the 2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas in late 2015 after completing her PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Tulane University.

Christine Boran is a volunteer for the non-profit Virginia Bluebird Society as County Coordinator for Patrick and Floyd Counties and serves on the VBS Board of Directors. Christine established the Woolwine House Bluebird Trail.

Experiences are complimentary, donations accepted for the VBS and goes toward the VBS Grant Program. Binoculars highly recommended.

To book your birding experience, please call 276.222.3829 or email