Drone Policy

Primland Drone Policy

Please complete the form prior to arrival on property. All fields are required.

The use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), including, but not limited to, drones and radio-controlled aircraft and devices, in airspace above private property requires advance approval by Primland Security.

Primland’s priority is to ensure and protect the privacy and safety of guests and staff, as well as avoiding disruption while maintaining the harmony of the property. Flight of a personal UAS is not permitted on property without prior approval from a Primland Security personnel and completion of form prior to arrival.

The following areas are restricted and UAS may not be flown:

  • Within 600 feet of any accommodation, including but not limited to: The Lodge, Pinnacle Cottages, Fairway Cottages, Tree Houses, and Mountain Homes
  • Buildings, Stables Saloon, Main Office, and Outdoor Activities Center
  • Highland Course during play hours
  • Recreational areas, including but not limited to: horseback trails, RTV trails, hunting fields, and sporting clay course
  • Overhead of any persons or event



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  • Drone Information

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