New this season are two popular clay target games.

Make-A-Break is an exciting and competitive game where pairs of shooters compete from a stage and shoot 10 pairs of targets from eight machines. Target difficulty is varied and always includes the first target of the pair as an away bird from two traps labeled number one. The second bird of the pair includes the more challenging birds and difficulty increases with labeled trap number increasing with the difficulty level of target. The last four frames of the game allow the shooter to pick their difficulty level and the true nature of the competition is revealed as shooters play either aggressively or conservatively. This game has long been a popular side game at larger shooting events and Primland is proud to offer it to our resort guests, local and corporate shooters.

Another new addition is European style sporting clays with the addition of two parcours. Each parcour has the conventional 5 traps and three shooting positions. Targets are presented as singles and pairs for a total of 25 targets per parcour and 50 for the entire game. Presentations are at modest range and at trajectories to simulate the flight of game, making this an excellent warm-up for wing shooters preparing for a day afield.

pricing information

    • Parcour without ammunition (25 targets) 25 dollars
    • Parcour with gun rental and ammunition (25 targets) 45 dollars
    • Make-A-Break without ammunition (20 targets) 25 dollars
    • Make-A-Break with gun rental and ammunition (20 targets) 45 dollars
    • Triple Shot Play without ammunition (5-stand, Parcour, Make-A-Break) 60 dollars
    • Triple Shot Play with gun rental and ammunition (5-stand, Parcour, Make-A-Break) 90 dollars
    • Cart Fee 5 dollars