Sport Shooting

Hunting & Wingshooting

Challenge yourself in tracking wild game while experiencing Primland’s impressive terrain first hand in our hunting and wingshooting adventures. Participate in guided or semi-guided opportunities when deer, turkey, pheasant, quail or chukar are in season. Inquire about group or individual excursions into the woodlands that will explore the many facets of the Primland landscape. Licenses are required to participate and can be purchased on-site.

Deer Hunting

This is true fair chase hunting at its best, with no guarantee of success. Our deer hunting is primarily from elevated blinds and stands, although guests may also choose to hunt from the ground by stalking or “still” hunting. Hunters are transported to their hunting areas and blinds by Primland guides who also assist in tracking and recovering downed game. All guests participating in Virginia deer hunting and guided deer hunts must obtain proper Virginia hunting licenses, which are sold on site. Complete processing of meat is available. For those who either can’t or choose not to transport game, a charitable organization is available locally that will accept, process and distribute venison to local charities. This is a semi-guided activity offered during a state-regulated hunting season. The season generally runs from October through early December, but is subject to change by The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Advance reservation and a deposit are required. Primland practices quality deer management and there is a penalty fee for bucks harvested that do not meet minimum harvest standards.

Pricing Information
For October 2019 to January 2020 season dates and rates please call 866.960.7746.

Spring Gobblers

Wild turkey hunting at Primland is a challenging and exhilarating experience. This is true fair chase hunting at its best, with no guarantee of success. The gobblers typically make their homes in the most rugged areas of the Blue Ridge, so it’s important to accurately gauge your ability to hike physically taxing terrain while engaging in spring turkey hunting. As turkeys see color and are sensitive to any movement, full camouflage including face and gun is a prerequisite before you can begin tracking Primland’s most elusive bird. Our Virginia turkey hunting is a guided activity offered only during a state-regulated hunting season, which generally runs from mid-April through mid-May. This is subject to change by The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. We are members of the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Pricing Information
April through May 2019. Call for package pricing.

Full-Day $500
2 or More Days $450 per day

Release Shoots & Driven Shoots

Within Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the hilly topography and woodland of Primland provide a premiere setting for Driven Pheasant Shooting that is comparable to the best in the UK. The Primland Driven Pheasant Shoot features six to nine gun lines with three morning and three afternoon drives, each unique in nature and challenge. Meeting the level of every gunner, Primland features 12 different drives arranged across the ravines of our vast woodland. Shooting pegs are located in deep valleys. Each drive lasts about 30 minutes to one hour with Ringneck pheasants constantly flushed towards the gunning line. Loaders and dog handlers, dressed in proper attire, await to assist you, whether you are shooting one gun or pairs. All of our loaders ensure safe shooting and conduct in addition to taking care of the gunner and their equipment so you never run out of ammo at the peg. Primland offers Release Shoots and Drive Pheasant Shooting through March in single day or multiple day packages. Advance reservation and deposit are required.

Pricing Information

For October 2019 – March 2020 packages or customized group shoots, please call 866.960.7746.

Driven Pheasant overage fee - $57 per bird

European Style Release Shoots & Driven Shoots

Primland is an Orvis endorsed wingshooting lodge and Virginia licensed wingshooting preserve. Pheasant hunting is a specialty here and Bobwhite Quail and Chukar provide additional shooting opportunities for our guests. With Primland’s spacious grounds and varied topography, each guided outing promises to be challenging and inherently unique. All wingshooting is fully guided. Guests may hunt with their own sporting dogs if they prefer but each guide has their own group of fine dogs with which to hunt. This activity is available September through April and is offered in three-hour hunts. Advance reservation and deposit are required. Bird cleaning and transporting services are available for an additional fee.

Pricing Information

September 1, 2018, through April 30, 2019. Bookings for Upland wingshooting must be made prior to April 15.

Upland Guided Hunts

2-Hour Pheasant (opportunity to harvest 4 birds) $309 per hunter
2-Hour Parent-Child Hunt (opportunity to harvest 8 birds) $459 per hunter
Half-Day Pheasant (opportunity to harvest 8 birds) $415 per hunter
Half-Day Quail (15 quail released) $415 per hunter
Half-Day Chukar (opportunity to harvest 10 birds) $415 per hunter
Half-Day Combo (6 pheasant, 4 quail or 6 pheasant, 3 chukar) $415 per hunter

Additional Birds
Pheasant/Red Legged Partridge $32 each
Quail $15 each
Chukar $20 each
Bird Cleaning (birds cleaned, vacuum packaged and provided in cooler) $4 each

Sport Shooting

Participate in a customized hunting experience with these unique packaged opportunities featuring upland guided hunts, driven pheasant shoots, youth and parent-child hunts.

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