Disc golf is a fast growing, global sport that provides fun competition and the thrill of the outdoors. Similar to traditional golf; disc golf players use specially designed discs instead of a ball and clubs to traverse an 18-hole course. The discs have been engineered to fly straight, or bend left or right to be the equivalent of a dog-leg on the golf course.

Meandering through forests and across grassland, Primland’s disc golf course was designed by George Sappenfield, a pioneer of the game who organized the first official Disc Golf Tournament in 1969. Two sets of tee boxes are provided to suit beginners and advanced players. The discs are thrown from each tee towards an elevated metal basket serving as the “hole.” The object is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws.

Ideal for anyone aged five through ninety, 18-hole disc golf takes one and a half to two hours to play on average. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the Golf Pro Shop at 276.222.3827.

Course Details:

2,842 feet – par 61 from the forward tees
4,462 feet – par 60 from the back tees

pricing information

  • Lodging guests, complimentary
  • Non-lodging guests, 10 dollars per person
  • Disc Rental (set of 3), 15 dollars
  • Replacement charge for lost disc, 15 dollars per disc