Whether you are a novice or experienced shooter, hone your skills on our bow and air rifle range.

Bow Range
Aim at a variety of bull’s-eye targets and 3D Delta McKenzie and Rinehart animal targets including whitetail deer, black bear, woodchuck, wild turkey, wild pig, and lynx. Equipment includes PSE and Bear recurve bows and Genesis compound bows, as well as Bear safety glass and Easton Jazz aluminum arrows.

Air Rifle Range
The air gun range features bull’s-eye targets, balloons, Beachwood Casey spinner targets and Prairie Dog silhouettes by Gamo. Daisy and Crossman air guns are supplied.

Reservations required.

Please call 276.222.3835 for details or e-mail us at shootingsports@primland.com.

pricing information

  • One-hour session for one or two guests 80 dollars
  • One-hour session for each additional guest 40 dollars per person
  • Replacement fee for lost arrows 7 dollars