Spending time enjoying and engaging with the outdoors is where your experience at Primland takes shape. Beyond the beautiful golf greens and open air, the horse back riding, kayaking, tomahawk throwing and stargazing are just a few. Our reservation specialists are ready to design the perfect experience for you.

Air Rifle

Air Rifle

Ages 6 and older

Practice shooting at bull’s-eye targets, balloons, Beachwood Casey spinner targets and Prairie Dog silhouettes on the air rifle range. Air guns available for rent include Daisy, Benjamin and Gamo.

Pricing Information:
1 Hour session for one or two guests - $40 per person



Ages 6 and older

Take aim at a variety of bull’s-eye targets and 3D Delta McKenzie and Rinehart animal targets including whitetail deer, black bear, woodchuck, wild turkey, wild pig and lynx. Equipment includes PSE and Bear recurve bows and Genesis compound bows, as well as Bear safety glass and Easton Jazz aluminum arrows.

Pricing Information:
1 Hour session for one or two guests - $40 per person



Mountain Biking: rent a Cannondale or SCOTT 21-speed bike and explore the extensive Virginia mountain biking trails suited for beginners or experienced riders.
Road biking: SCOTT Carbon Fiber road bikes are available for rent to venture out to the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. Pick up our road biking map and follow a pleasurable 20-mile loop that starts at the North Gate and leads to Meadows of Dan, Rocky Knob Cabins and other historic landmarks and attractions.

Pricing Information
Bike Rental:
Full day rental: $80 per bike
Two hour rental: $40 per bike
Electric Mountain Biking:
Full day rental: $100 per bike
Two hour rental: $50 per bike

Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Meandering through forests and across grassland, Primland’s 18-hole disc golf course was designed by George Sappenfield, a pioneer of the game who organized the first official Disc Golf Tournament in 1969. Two sets of tee boxes are provided to suit beginners and advanced players. The discs are thrown from each tee towards an elevated metal basket serving as the “hole.” The object is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws. Course Details: 2,842 feet – par 61 from the forward tees 4,462 feet – par 60 from the back tees

Pricing Information:
Lodging guests: complimentary
Non-lodging guests: $10 per person
Disc Rental (set of 3): $15
Replacement charge for lost disc: $15 per disc

Fitness Room


Primland offers a range of ways to stay fit while on the mountain—from a traditional indoor fitness center to hiking, cycling, tennis, and more. Located on the Spa level of the Lodge, our fitness center features state-of-the-art equipment and an indoor chlorine-free pool. Swimming lessons may be arranged with advanced notice.

Looking to take your workout outside? The brand new Bootleggers Outdoor Gym & Fitness Trail features eight workout stations built into the landscape of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. With activities like yoga, balance beams, pullup bars, and battle ropes, you’ll be energized by the change in routine and scenery.

In addition to our indoor and outdoor gym facilities, Primland offers two lighted, soft-surface tennis courts with breathtaking mountain vistas. Racquets and balls are available to borrow, and lessons may be arranged with notice. And of course, our extensive trail system offers opportunities to spot incredible wildlife and soak in amazing views on every hike or run.

Fly Fishing

The six-mile stretch of the scenic Dan River is rugged, remote and home to beautiful wild brown, brook and rainbow trout. Guided fly fishing is offered on a catch and release basis. For fly casters seeking less challenging Blue Ridge Mountain fishing, the broader and more forgiving Kibler Valley section of the Dan River is located nearby. Guided fishing is available April through November depending on weather and stream conditions. Three ponds are stocked with trout, bass and channel catfish and open for year-round pond fishing. Fish cleaning is available for those wishing to prepare their catch for dinner at their Mountain Homes.

Fly Fishing

Virginia fishing regulations apply.
One Guide per One Angler (includes guide fee)
Catch and Release: half day, $220 per angler
Catch and Release: full day (includes a box lunch), $340 per angler
One Guide per Two Anglers (includes guide fee)
Catch and Release: half day, $180 per angler
Catch and Release: full day (includes a box lunch), $295 per angler
Casting Lessons: $80 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Equipment Rental: $40 per angler
Age and License Requirements
Best for Ages 12 and older
Virginia State Fishing Licenses- may be acquired on-property

Unguided Pond Fishing

When combined with another activity, complimentary to our lodging guest.
Catch & Release: full day, $60 per guest
Spin & Spin casting Equipment Rental: $25 per angler
Guide: $60 per hour
Keep fish (fish cleaned and vacuum packaged): $20 per fish
Virginia State Fishing Licenses- may be acquired on-property

Horseback Riding

Explore the many twists and turns of Primland from horseback. Equestrian pursuits are available year-round, weather permitting. For lodging guests wishing to bring their own horses: stabling, water and hay are available at an additional charge.

Pricing Information
One Hour with a guide ( minimum of 2 guests): $90 per guest
Two hours with a guide (minimum of 2 guests): $130 per guest
Stable fee for guest horse: $50 per horse per night
Age Requirements
Must be 12 years of age or older
Ages 11 and younger can do an in rink experience

Water Sports - Kayak


Enjoy a half-day, guided kayaking trip on the scenic Talbott Reservoir in our Funyaks, inflatable kayaks that are perfect for novices. Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Talbott Reservoir is part of the Dan River Gorge, which has been dubbed the Grand Canyon of Virginia. At over 2,600 feet of elevation, the pristine reservoir offers rare and spectacular scenery. As you paddle the quiet and secluded waterway, look out for playful river otters, active beavers, and diverse waterfowl.

Equipment Available
Six single Funyaks and two 2-passenger Funyaks available
1 guide per 4 kayakers
Kayakers must be 8 years and up
9 am start/last tour available at 2 pm
1 and 2 hour tours are available
Recommend water shoes and swim attire

Pricing Information
Single person kayak: $130
Two person kayak: $160

Age and Safety Requirements
12 years of age or older can participate without a guardian
11 years of age or younger must have a guardian present
Flotation Device Required
In regulation with Northbrook Energy, all watersports are required to be guided. Guests must also use resort equipment. Reservations must be booked through the Outdoor Activities Center 276.222.3836

Paddle Boarding

Paddle the quiet and secluded waterway of the Talbott Reservoir, dubbed the Grand Canyon of Virginia, in this challenging full-body workout. Part of the Dan River Gorge, the pristine reservoir flows at an elevation of 2,600 feet. Admire the wildflowers blanketing the hillsides, take in the fragrant mountain breeze, watch for playful river otters, active beavers and diverse waterfowl and listen to the sounds of trickling streams and bird calls.

Pricing Information
1 Hour: $80
2 Hours: $130

Age and Safety Requirements
12 years of age or older can participate without a guardian
11 years of age or younger must have a guardian present
Flotation Device Required
In regulation with Northbrook Energy, all watersports are required to be guided. Guests must also use resort equipment. Reservations must be booked through the Outdoor Activities Center 276.222.3836
Clay Shooting

Sporting Clays

Progressing through 14 stations over a mile-long course, shooters are presented with a variety of clay targets that simulate the flight path of game birds. At our grouse station, shooters face flushing “birds” that zip in and out of the trees. At our “decoying duck” station, incoming targets float in toward the shooter. At our “rabbit” station, targets are thrown end-over-end and skitter across the ground. Shooters may walk or travel by golf cart. We are a member of the National Sporting Clays Association.

Five-stand incorporates the best of skeet, trap and sporting clays into a field game that is fun and challenging. During this 25-shot round, each shooter attempts five targets from each of five stations which provide a different perspective. Five-stand is an excellent warm-up game for hunters and clay shooters since the level of difficulty can be adjusted and it requires considerably less time than fifty and one hundred sporting clays courses. Since it’s sheltered it can also be used in the event of rain or snow.

Make-A-Break is an exciting and competitive game where pairs of shooters compete from a stage and shoot 10 pairs of targets from eight machines. Target difficulty is varied and always includes the first target of the pair as an away bird from two traps labeled number one. The second bird of the pair includes the more challenging birds and difficulty increases with labeled trap number increasing with the difficulty level of target. The last four frames of the game allow the shooter to pick their difficulty level and the true nature of the competition is revealed.

Two parcours, European-style sporting clays, are available on the property, each with the conventional five traps and three shooting positions. Targets are presented as singles and pairs for a total of 25 targets per parcour and 50 for the entire game. Presentations are at modest range and trajectories to simulate the flight of game birds, making this an excellent warm-up for wingshooters preparing for a day afield.

Pricing Information
50-shot: 60 (10 stations)
100-shot: 100 (14 stations)
5-stand: 35 without ammunition (25 targets)
Make-A-Break: 55 without ammunition, 65 with gun and amunition (20 targets)
Cart fee: 15
Shooting Instruction: 90/hour
Beginner Package (instruction, ammo and 50 targets): 200.

Virginia hunter education requirement for youths age 12-16 Virginia State Hunting Licenses -may be acquired on-property

Yoga & Meditation

Primland offers private yoga, pilates, meditation and Chi Kung instruction upon request. For experienced practitioners, there are two private yoga & meditation decks located on the property for guests to use at their convenience.

Pricing Information
$90 for up to 3 ppl and $30 for each additional person

RTV Trail Riding

Take one of our one or two-person Recreational Terrain Vehicles (RTVs) out for a guided spin and enjoy panoramic perspectives of the property on trails created especially for off-roading. Participants may bring their own RTV, but must ride with a guide while on Primland property. Safety equipment provided includes helmet and eye protection.

Pricing Information
Off Road Adventure – 2 person vehicle
1 Hour: 120 for 1-2 persons
2 Hours: 180 for 1-2 persons

Off Road Adventure – 4 person vehicle
1 Hour: 150 up to 4 persons
2 Hours: 240 up to 4 persons

Age Requirements
Drivers must be 16 years of age or older
Passengers must be 12 years of age or older

Stargazing & Observatory

The celebration of nature at Primland takes on an even greater dimension from the Observatory Dome. Primland’s altitude and the unusual clarity of our night sky present guests with the opportunity to study stars, planets, nebulae and amazing celestial objects with an absence of ambient light. Our Celestron CGE Pro 1400 telescope provides extraordinary glimpses of the heavens and of objects beyond our solar system.

Pricing Information
Come Starwalk at Primland Every Night
40 dollars per person

Nature Walks

Hike along one of our Blue Ridge Mountain hiking trails with an expert guide and discover the abundance of flora and fauna along the way. Awaken your senses with the different fragrances and identify various plant species with this invigorating walk through our forest. The property’s vast and varied terrain is perfect for hikers of all abilities.

Guide Service
Reservations required. Request 24 hour advance notice.
Hourly rate for for 1-4 persons: $60
Hourly rate for each additional person over 4 people: $10
Binoculars available upon request

Tomahawk Throwing

Ages 6 and older

For centuries, Native Americans have used tomahawks as tools. At Primland, we celebrate this local history and culture through the technique of tomahawk throwing. Experienced guides show guests the proper grip and stance in order to land the tomahawk into the target ahead of you.

Pricing Information
1 Hour session for one or two guests - $40 per person

Seasonal, weather permitting

Tree Climbing

**Until further notice, Tree Climbing is not offered due to the guidelines provided by Virginia’s Governor.**

For those who loved recreational tree climbing as a kid and never lost the passion to explore higher and higher, Primland offers its guests a unique tree climbing experience. In partnership with Blue Ridge Tree Climbing, climbers ages eight and up will learn the art of tree climbing from an experienced guide. The adventure offers a return to the simple pleasure of getting up and looking out from a completely new perspective.

Pricing Information:
2.5 hours - 2 people: $150 per person
2.5 hours - 1 person: $175 per person
Seasonal, weather permitting

Age Requirements
Must be 12 years of age or older


While you may not want to leave Primland, we’d like you to know that the property is surrounded by enchanting Blue Ridge Mountain attractions and numerous Patrick County towns well worth exploring. From the quaint shops of Meadows of Dan to the historic Mabry Mill, from Fairy Stone State Park to the stunning views of the Blue Ridge Parkway, from local wineries to an abundance of bluegrass and country music festivals, there is much to see and do on a day trip outside the gates of Primland. We are affiliated with the County of Patrick and Virginia is for Lovers.

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