Chef Ryan DeRieux thrives on the patterns of nature’s landscape to create a menu inspired by moment, time, and space. Primland’s carefully curated dishes, using ingredients native to the region, are matched in freshness only by Chef DeRieux’s ephemeral perspectives, breathing new life into locally sourced meals.

Chef DeRieux’s culinary style is inherently defined by the moment, be it from the fleeting seasons, a new ingredient tied to a local fisherman or farmer, or from his diverse background. He draws from both past and present to create dishes that encompass a multitude of eras and styles of cooking. The final result is a thoughtfully crafted meal, enriched with the flavors of the Blue Ridge landscape and telling of our Chef’s distinct spontaneity and improvisation.

It was Chef DeRieux’s humble beginnings as a youth working in a countryside diner that led him to a career of culinary creativity. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in 2006, Chef DeRieux’s culinary pursuits had him working under the guidance of Master Pastry Chef Jean Marie Vanhovan and Executive Chef Chris O’Connell in California’s Pechanga Resort & Casino. He then worked as a Sous Chef/Pastry Chef in West Virginia’s The Resort at Glade Springs before returning to California as Banquet Sous Chef at Temecula Creek Inn.

His most recent chef position prior to joining Primland was in West Hollywood’s Ink Restaurant under the guidance of Michael Voltaggio and Cole Dickinson. Staying apace with Hollywood’s fluid dining scene provided Chef DeRieux with the tools to stay innovative as he brought his expertise to Primland as Sous Chef in 2013. As Executive Chef, he continues to dedicate his craft to showcasing the natural bounty of the surrounding landscape through dishes that are remembered long after they are savored.

Outside of the kitchen, Chef DeRieux enjoys taking walks and gardening with his wife and two daughters.